About Shayne Newlyn

Shayne Newlyn
From as soon as I could crawl I was outside with whichever creatures came across my path. These were mainly insects, but I lived in their world for as long as I was allowed, I remember feeling a kinship with them and always concerned about their comfort and happiness.

Gradually as I developed from toddler to child, my fascination got stronger, I always felt like they were my brothers and sisters. I was lucky enough to have grown up in warm countries like, Jamaica, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I was always in the midst of animals and talking to them was as natural as talking to my blood family.

As I matured into adulthood, I began to feel a yearning for ‘the meaning of life’. I wanted answers to the zillion questions that my inquisitive mind would bring. Simultaneously, I realised that there was a deep heart-felt yearning for more than what life seemed to be offering at that time.. I was soon to find out that life had some big revelations coming my way and my spiritual quest was about to take off.

After being married, running my own restaurant and traveling the world,  at the age of 30 I decided to go to India in search of some big answers to questions I couldn’t yet formulate. It was in India that I met my first spiritual teacher, which resulted in me moving into a community in London, where, for eight years I delved into the depths of my psyche in search of the meaning of life and my place in it.

Then after eight years I knew it was time to leave and I tried to live a secular life for a couple of years. I had a good job, nice boyfriend, and friends and a beautiful dog called Angel.

About two years into this apparently “normal” life, I was introduced to a Balinese practice called Shaking. With the energy Master, Ratu Bagus showing me the Master within, and helping to bring me back to my original true Self. I shake every day to clear negative energy and to grow spiritually, be happy and to be who I really am.

It is my deepest desire to help build bridges between humans and animals. To facilitate a meeting of souls, where labels melt away and what is left are the beings behind those labels who desire to;

Be seen and respected for who we are
Allowed to Be the Love that we all are
Connect in Joy and Play
And to celebrate this life that we are living on Mother Earth together as partners in creation,

for the sake of the whole of life and this beautiful planet. After all;

We Are All One