Animal Communication… What is it?

Animal Communication - Shayne and horses

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is natural and easy.  It is the lost art of telepathy, empathy and intuition.

Communication is happening all the time on many levels between all beings, including human, animal and plant.

It is The Universal Language of the Soul—which transcends time and space.

All species use this language, including us.  We are just ‘out of touch’ because of our reliance on spoken and written language and we think rather than feel.

Animal Communication is a lost ‘natural’ way of existence

We are at such a critical time in our evolution as a whole, and we have been been stuck in an old out dated mindset, that we are these supreme beings here on planet Earth and that everything in nature is here to feed and serve us.   Before the written word, humans and animals lived in total harmony and communicated with one another perfectly all the time, there was balance in nature.

There was give and take; there was no need to take advantage. Now the world is out of balance and we blame everything outside of ourselves for this disharmony.  But, if we looked inside ourselves and see how we live, what we do on a minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour basis, we can ask ourselves “how much do I take advantage of nature and animals”.

If a person wants to relearn to communicate in this way, all they have to do is put their focus here and they will soon find their extra-sensory perception has woken up and they are receiving the information either through their feelings, their inner vision and hearing or just knowing.

If we want to learn to play the piano we practise… it’s the same with animal communication.

I am an Animal Communicator. It is my focus, my passion and my life.

We listen, we connect, we understand, we resolve

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