Animal Communicator – What I Offer

shayne-and-monkeyAs an Animal Communicator, through empathic listening and observing, I co-facilitate a space of safety and love.  This enables people and animals to step into their best selves and express who they really are.

It is deeply healing for human and animal to be heard, respected and held in this space and enables an exchange to take place that brings about a deeper understanding, connection and respect.

Often the animal will know what it needs and ask for it, likewise they also offer information on their human guardian which can be deeply cathartic and healing not only for the person but also to each other.

Relationships between human and animal naturally evolve into a co-creative partnering that brings greater levels of joy and leadership in both human and animal, as each puts their best self forward.

Animal Communicator – charges

I charge £65 per session for two hours plus 50 pence per mile for travel.

In certain circumstances, I offer concessions and we can speak about this beforehand.

Animal Communicator The Soul in the eyes

Soul Readings

I need a photo of the animal’s eyes to access its higher consciousness.

The eyes are like a telephone line, by looking into the eyes it helps me connect and then I intuitively feel what the animal is feeling.

I feel it in the body because I’m empathic, so I empathise with the animal and feel what it’s communicating.

It’s as if the animals soul speaks to my soul and then it’s translated into a verbal dialogue which I usually write down as automatic writing.

I don’t censor it so sometimes it’s not nice, there are no manners, it’s just direct translation of what that animal is trying to communicate.

Books And Films That Have Inspired Me

Kinship with All Life Joseph Alan Boone

Mystery of the White Lions.. by Linda Tucker

The Language of Miracles.. by Amelia Kincade

Eyes of The Wild.. by Eleanor O’Hanlon

The Elephant Whisperer.. by Lawrence Anthony

All My Relations.. by Susan Chernak McElroy

Animals and the Afterlife.. by Kim Sheridan

Mutant Message Down Under.. by Marlo Morgan

The Purpose of Species…by Julie Lines

“Show kindness to animals also, as well as to all people. For as you treat all other created beings, so will you, in the long run, be treated.” Apocrypha, Text of The Twelve Fathers