Horse Healers… Heaven On Earth

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Horse Healers… Heaven On Earth

I have just returned from a trip to Liz Mitten Ryan’s Gateway Ranch near Kamloops, Canada where I visited an extraordinary herd of horse healers living on 320 acres of high vibrational pristine land, whose last inhabitants were the First Nations tribal people of Canada.

There are countless reasons why it was so remarkable and why I am so excited to discover that a place like this exists. Firstly the horses themselves; the herd consists of 13 Warmbloods, a small Shetland pony and an enormous Steer named Tesoro the Buddha because of his huge loving energy. Most of the herd have been bred by owner Liz Mitten Ryan and treated with the utmost love and care from the start.

beautiful horses

These horse healers live as a wild herd in stunningly beautiful surroundings with forests, lakes and many wild herbs to graze on. Early every morning the herd comes down from the hills, back to their barn for abundant amounts of sweet smelling hay as well as liberal apple and carrot treats. Liz and her team shower them with love and praise, they know that the horses have been working during the night on raising the vibration of Mother Earth and clearing energy from all the debris that humanity creates.

Liz Mitten Ryan's Gateway Ranch

The herd grazing on sacred land

The first day

I met the herd on my first morning and was deeply struck, firstly by their noble dignity, their serene calmness and a radiant sense of well being. As I introduced myself to each member of the herd, I noticed how attentive and direct they were. Each horse had a different personality; each possessed an innate confidence in their individuality, whilst emanating a deep sense of kindness and compassion.

It was clear that these horses know no fear of humans. They viewed us as potential friends, genuinely interested in each one of us with childlike innocence. horse in the sunlight animal communicationAfter all, they had never been maltreated in anyway. Never coerced, abused or made to do anything that did not feel right to them. They were how horses should be, wild, yet willing to befriend, not only willing, but enthusiastic in their interest in each person.

Raising the vibration

With no agenda, they could give their attention to the humans, raising their vibration in line with the herd. As I meditated with the horses, who were all either lying down or standing in a state of deep relaxation, I was drawn into their zone, the vibration in which they live. It was like being re-calibrated, opened up to the deepest peace, where I felt they were showing me my potential state of being. I was immersed in a profound feeling of rare purity and deepest love, that tears streamed unashamedly down my face.


It was simultaneously the sense of really being seen by them for who I truly am, whilst recognizing who they truly are… magnificent beings of pure light. They are undoubtedly a group of higher beings, like a Council of Elders that I imagined I would meet one day on leaving this earthly plane.

The Journey

This exquisite recognition developed over the course of the sixteen days I was there, into a sense of journeying with them, through my body and out of body, to exploring realms of consciousness, which I can only describe as a feeling of great unity with The All, including our sacred Mother Earth and all the beings that inhabit her… I was re sensitized, and in that, I appreciated nature all the more, feeling whole-hearted gratitude for the beauty of our planet and all the beings that are striving to live in harmony.

Shayne and ponies and greyhoundAfter the meditations, I was directed to the healing tables in the yard. These are a bit like treatment tables, but built very robustly, for very good reason. As I lay there, still in deeply relaxed state, one or more of the horse healers would come over and scan me.


Liz told me that they were rebalancing my Chakras as well as pulling off the negative energy that I had been carrying around. There were times where the horses would be swaying over me with their eyes half closed, then moving their head back and forth vigorously. Sometimes they would use their lips to massage me and even gently nip me. Then they would yawn and shake their body or head to discharge themselves of the energy they had taken off me.

DSC_0124[2]They would also stand in various patterns, aligning themselves with the earth’s grid to enhance the discharging process and raise the vibration. It was amazing, I could really feel them working on my energy system and I shuddered involuntarily many times, as well as laughing and crying in awe and amazement.

There were many healings that took place on myself and on others. All the time I witnessed a similar story. The horses scanned the person; they found the block, and then went to work to liberate them from the fetters that held them back from living a deeply fulfilled and happy life; shayne and horse nuzzlingto be truly empowered and awakened. Everyone was profoundly moved and changed. There were many tears and expressions of joy after releasing a lifetime of emotional and physical pain.

The Last Day

By the last day of being with the herd, I felt I had received so much wisdom and healing. They had chipped away at my core, pulled off unwanted bits then packaged me up into a form that could function…it was like psychic surgery. As a result, I feel a deep connection to our sacred Mother Earth and my awareness has grown to feel the unmentionable…. The horror and the glory of life. To be deeply aware of what is going on in the world, yet deeply committed to the solution…. Rather than the problem.

shayne animal communicatorThe experience of being at Gateway has expanded my inner horizons and given me gifts that are truly precious. I have no doubt that horses hold a special key for the change that humanity so desperately needs right now. If we are to save ourselves, Mother Earth and all the creatures then we need help…. In a time where we are burnt out by our own self-destruction and cynicism, where can we turn?


The Key

The answer of course, lies in our very own hearts. But to access the reality of this, we must be convinced beyond all doubt that its possible to take a giant leap forward and that the outcome could be entirely positive. DSC_0159More than positive, we could be truly free, truly happy, truly healed and live in a world of harmony, peace and mutual respect.

Horse healers it seems not only hold this key, but they are so willing to help us. If we honour them with the respect and love they deserve, they are waiting for us. I have been on my spiritual quest for many years now, and I believe that it is a gradual process of unfolding…. This is certainly true for me. I also believe that the goal and the path are one.

animal communication horse grazing


I have awakenings and healings, I raise my vibration and then I sometimes slip back – life is like that. However, I no longer feel that this matters. What really matters is living life to the full, loving abundantly, daring to be me and giving back in whatever way I can. For myself, the animals are my path to God, the path of love.

Because that is what they are…. Pure Love. By aligning myself with their vibration, I automatically feel my heart expanding and am more consciously aware of others and myself. With a greater capacity to love unconditionally and have healthy boundaries in place… this is how the horses live in the herd.

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  1. lovely xx

  2. I loved reading this account of your time in Canada. Your words ‘It was like being re-calibrated, opened up to the deepest peace, where I felt they were showing me my potential state of being. I was immersed in a profound feeling of rare purity and deepest love, that tears streamed unashamedly down my face’ explains so well how it felt yesterday at your workshop, out in the field while receiving from Gitti’s horse healers. Today I feel such peace and harmony…long may it last and be passed on to others. I can’t thank you all enough…what a team of healers!

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