The King of Kings

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The King of Kings

Why are lions referred to as ‘Kings’? What is it about them that make this legend so true?

Having just been out to South Africa and met the mighty White Lions as well as their cousins the tawny or golden lions, I can now understand why the fact that they are the apex predator at the top of the food chain, means that they literally govern the circle of life by their life style and who they are.

Most significantly, if they go extinct, which at this point in time is a very real possibility, the whole eco system in their home- land will be so negatively affected, it may not survive.

But I really want to talk about the importance of who they are from a spiritual perspective, or what they mean in the biggest sense.

Through wisdom we learn

It is through the wisdom of the indigenous tribal people that we can learn, they have never lost touch with nature or their own nature, and it is through their oral tradition that the relevance and significance of the White Lions can be found.

The magnificent Royal Family..

The magnificent Royal Family..

These magnificent creatures represent the Solar Logos or the energy of the Sun incarnate.. The Logos represents the heart of the cosmic pattern and the source of existence, its emblem is the sun, which is the source of life and light.

The indigenous tribes of Africa and many other tribes around the world, have prophesised the return of white animals and they are said to bring a two fold sign from the Great Creator: They are both a blessing and a warning.

The warning is that we are now at a pivotal point in the earth’s evolution.  We are headed on a path of total destruction and we urgently need to repair the damage.

Firstly to the earth, by stopping our rate of consumption and greed, and secondly by changing our relationship to the way we view life… we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

Love and Respect

WhiteLionsThis means that we will awaken to love and respect for all life. It is the only solution and all that is needed. Living from the heart will solve everything if you think about it.

By living from the heart, we are connected to nature, to each other, to the plant kingdom and of course the animal kingdom.

Energetically, being in the heart centre, means that we allow ourselves to really feel.. we are empathic and therefore no longer self centred and just out for ourselves.

We also loose our fear driven tendencies as we feel connected to others and to our highest and best selves…

So war, starvation, poverty and epidemics would eventually cease to exist, and wealth would be distributed more evenly, which means our health would be better.   However, If we do not heed this warning then certain irrevocable obliteration will occur.

The blessing is that by heeding the message of the white animals and indigenous tribes, there is great hope.  It is said that the reason various animals are being born white, is that white is the colour of purity and light.

These are the qualities each human needs to embody now as a matter of urgency along with love and respect for all life.

Beacons of Hope

These animals are beacons of hope. Their luminescence in colour and aura is showing the world that out of darkness we can achieve a deeper and greater awareness of life and live in harmony, peace, understanding and love for all beings, including Mother Earth.


The White Lion connects humans on a super conscious level to their own true spiritual nature of love, this is not only symbolic but real.

On some level we all associate with the lion as the symbol of heart strength, to be “lion hearted” means we have to dare to love so much, that it takes immense courage and deep wisdom to not hold back from its power.

The Lion of Judah, is Jesus the Christ, Lions therefore symbolically represent the Christ Consciousness which means  “The full conscious awareness of the total presence of God” this is our soul purpose, and self realisation, to wake up and realise our own divinity.

They are imploring us to raise our awareness to embody this level of consciousness,  which is not only an invitation from the Divine but an imperative at this point in time.

We need to engage in life as an active participant in saving our selves and our planet.  If we stand by and do nothing, we are perpetrating the darkness that is happening all around us.. And therefore contributing to a soul-less society.

All Life is sacred

We need to take a stand for Love in ourselves, for the sake of Life, for the sake of us all. It is time to listen to our heart.

This is a the message I received from all the animals, from the Great Soul of Africa, it has come through collectively because they are all connected as One:


Getting back to harmony

To all humans, our fellow brothers and sisters of the earth, we have shared this planet for a very long time now, walking together and enjoying all that the great Mother has given us. 

We used to live in harmony with each other, but now there is great conflict. The human world, all animals and the Great Mother are being violated and destroyed through human greed and ignorance.

We implore you to take responsibility for this and return to the energy of love and peace and respect for all living beings, both animal, in nature and of course your fellow humans.. We cannot tolerate or survive this any longer, you have to free yourselves of your paralysis and take urgent action, and be an agent for change.


3-Letaba-Sun-Neil-LM-960x620-CRWe ask you to listen and not turn away.  You know what is happening in your heart of hearts. Tune into the messages from your highest selves, your soul, the quiet place inside you that is connected to the source of all that is.. Divine wisdom.

There you will sense and know the reality of which we speak: that all life is sacred, that there is no hierarchy of souls, and that each living being has conscious awareness.

You will know that everything that exists is part of one reality, one mind and one heart. We are all One.. there is no separation and no difference between us at a soul level.

It is our greatest wish that all life is treated as sacred. Where all beings live together in such joy that each being feels honoured, acknowledged, for being who they are and most of all appreciated and loved within the circle of life. So be it..



All images in the post are by courtesy of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

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