I have never felt so close to him…

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I have never felt so close to him…
8 June 2014

I was introduced to Shayne by my friend Gitti. I’d thought about getting an animal communicator to meet my horse Bing and I for a number of years but had never put it into action. I think something or someone somewhere wanted me to wait for someone as wonderful as Shayne.
Explaining the experience would be nearly impossible but I can say with certainty that it was incredible. My horse has only once laid down beside me and that was out the field yet he came and lay beside me in the stable, placed his nose on my hand and gently breathed on me.
I have never felt so close to him. The conversation shared was incredibly personal and touching and has helped me more than I can ever say. Shayne has an amazing presence, quiet but strong and I would encourage anyone reading this to contact Shayne. Both myself and my horse have been quite ill and with her help we are getting stronger each day both individually and together.

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