Mind-blowing…very emotional…

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8 June 2014

When I was very kindly invited to document the ‘We are all one’ animal communication workshop with Shayne, I was looking forward to this event with great anticipation. If you remember, I was working with Shayne last summer when we did some images for her website.

Now having the opportunity to actually experience first hand what she does and learn how to communicate with animals, was not only mind-blowing but for myself very emotional and for some participants even life changing.

With Shayne’s guidance and with her help I personally have a totally new understanding of the behaviour of my own two dogs and my very own Mika who I lost to bone cancer 7 years ago. I cannot thank her enough to share her knowledge, her way to communicate with our pets and animals and her leadership throughout the day. It was just wonderful, the setting magical and the animals fascinating, we had the chance to work with dogs, horses and a Harris Hawk!

I am short for words but my experience from this day was such, that I have just gone ahead and booked the next workshop with Shayne.

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