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Mind-blowing…very emotional…

When I was very kindly invited to document the 'We are all one' animal communication workshop with Shayne, I was looking forward to this event with great anticipation. If you remember, I was working with Shayne last summer when we did some images for her website.

Now having the opportunity to actually experience first hand what she does and learn how to communicate with animals, was not only mind-blowing but for myself very emotional and for some participants even life changing.

With Shayne's guidance and with her help I personally have a totally new understanding of the behaviour of my own two dogs and my very own Mika who I lost to bone cancer 7 years ago. I cannot thank her enough to share her knowledge, her way to communicate with our pets and animals and her leadership throughout the day. It was just wonderful, the setting magical and the animals fascinating, we had the chance to work with dogs, horses and a Harris Hawk!

I am short for words but my experience from this day was such, that I have just gone ahead and booked the next workshop with Shayne.

Sue from Cwtch Photography – Haverfordwest 8 June 2014

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Horse Magic – I am still in awe…

This happened in the afternoon of Shayne Newlyn's animal communication workshop. I am still in awe - lost for words about this.

Val Gillings 8 June 2014

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I feel so blessed…

What an absolutely amazing day we have had today. Thank you so so much Shayne for your guidance and leading us all today. Thank you Gitti for letting us come to your beautiful home and sharing your animals with us. I feel so blessed xxx

Sue Niggman 8 June 2014

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An incredibly moving day…

I think today was probably one of the most incredible and moving days I have ever spent. Thank you to Shayne Newlyn for your love and devotion to the all the animal kingdom and to Mother Nature ...

Thanks to Gitti Coats for hosting such a day and for allowing me such intimacy and connection with the animals that live with you.

Amanda Miles Letterston 8 June 2014


I have never felt so close to him…

I was introduced to Shayne by my friend Gitti. I’d thought about getting an animal communicator to meet my horse Bing and I for a number of years but had never put it into action. I think something or someone somewhere wanted me to wait for someone as wonderful as Shayne.
Explaining the experience would be nearly impossible but I can say with certainty that it was incredible. My horse has only once laid down beside me and that was out the field yet he came and lay beside me in the stable, placed his nose on my hand and gently breathed on me.
I have never felt so close to him. The conversation shared was incredibly personal and touching and has helped me more than I can ever say. Shayne has an amazing presence, quiet but strong and I would encourage anyone reading this to contact Shayne. Both myself and my horse have been quite ill and with her help we are getting stronger each day both individually and together.

Ceri Daugherty Llandewi Velfry 8 June 2014


Pointed out with compassion…

A HUGE thank you Shayne for coming to meet with my family and three dogs Bella, Bonnie and Carlo this week. Your insights into the needs of each of the dogs and as a pack have been very helpful.

We are working through the obstacles which you pointed out with compassion and adopting the new strategies to help them.

Rachel Jenkins Llanrhian, Pembrokeshire 8 June 2014

Three horse teachers..

I am a lucky animal owner

I know I am not the only animal owner who thinks from time to time 'what on earth are they thinking?'. Recently I was very lucky to meet Shayne Newlyn and asked her over to help me get an insight into my three very different horses.
The horses were clearly very interested when Shayne went into the field, and I watched with interest from a distance as they seemed to go over to her in turn to somehow really connect with her. In a very short time Shayne had got plenty to tell me, she very naturally guided me to be part of the process.
She is a natural facilitator, being as keen to get the animals reaching out to the owners, as doing the communicating herself. She instructed me to sit in front of this particular horse who then lowered his head, staring at me intently and within moments I felt a huge wave of sadness hit me and found myself needing to cry to release it. "Wow he is so sad" I said to Shayne... what is it?
Shayne went on to tell me he was still missing a horse from his past, and she proceeded to tell me so much information about the three of them.
If you have Shayne over to work with you and your animals, you will be encouraged to see more in them, to get a better working relationship with them, and find them to be far deeper and more interesting as a result.
Shayne seems to love seeing 'us the owners' getting a much deeper understanding and hence relationship with our important animals. I can't think of someone more suited to helping us see another side to our animals and to give us food for thought that last long after Shayne's visit ! Enjoy.

Gitti Coats  (small holder and horse owner) Co founder Health Detectives and Master NLP Coach 8 June 2014


I cannot thank you enough…

I can not thank you enough for all your help, time and effort Shayne. Everything you have helped with has a huge impact here with both dogs and myself.

Max goes out on walks with a wagging tail, he is truly having fun and he loves hunting. He has such a good little nose. It is pure joy to walk both dogs without leads, almost on every walk now!

Sue Niggemann Haverfordwest 8 June 2014