I am a lucky animal owner

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I am a lucky animal owner
8 June 2014

I know I am not the only animal owner who thinks from time to time ‘what on earth are they thinking?’. Recently I was very lucky to meet Shayne Newlyn and asked her over to help me get an insight into my three very different horses.
The horses were clearly very interested when Shayne went into the field, and I watched with interest from a distance as they seemed to go over to her in turn to somehow really connect with her. In a very short time Shayne had got plenty to tell me, she very naturally guided me to be part of the process.
She is a natural facilitator, being as keen to get the animals reaching out to the owners, as doing the communicating herself. She instructed me to sit in front of this particular horse who then lowered his head, staring at me intently and within moments I felt a huge wave of sadness hit me and found myself needing to cry to release it. “Wow he is so sad” I said to Shayne… what is it?
Shayne went on to tell me he was still missing a horse from his past, and she proceeded to tell me so much information about the three of them.
If you have Shayne over to work with you and your animals, you will be encouraged to see more in them, to get a better working relationship with them, and find them to be far deeper and more interesting as a result.
Shayne seems to love seeing ‘us the owners’ getting a much deeper understanding and hence relationship with our important animals. I can’t think of someone more suited to helping us see another side to our animals and to give us food for thought that last long after Shayne’s visit ! Enjoy.

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